Welcome to CoWorkaholic

Basic Modern Amenities

Having worked in a coworking space for a good amount of time we understand coworkers mind !!

At Coworkaholic get spacious seating along with high speed internet, electricity, air conditioning, mineral water and all basic needs to have razor sharp focus on work.

We also take care of your day to day printing/scanning needs. Enjoy complimentary 10 pages print/scan a month and then at affordable price on pay-when-you-use basis.

Our small but comfortable meeting room allows you and your team to have healthy discussions about your work or take interviews of new members for your team.

Build A Great Community

At Coworkaholic we believe in building community and not only space for work where people with different backgrounds come and share creativitiy and hence grow.

We want you to not only focus on work which happens in a random bored office but to be a part of a community with like minded people.

Networking & Fun Events

We dont want to make your routine work boring, so as a member, enjoy our fun events at regular intervals.

Boost Your Productivity

When you focus only on your work and not on other small things to manage your own space, definitely it will be much helpful for your productivity.

At coworkaholic we understand this very well and invite you to come and join us for hassle free working hence increased productivity by manifolds.

Beverages & Cafeteria

Research says that a cup of refreshing coffee can boost your concentration and work energy. We provide complementary hot beverages twice a day to help you achieve your goals!

We believe a good amount of time spent on food table can be really good for your health and hence your work.

Have a good amount of leisure time with your colleagues or other community memebers at open cafeteria within the building premises.

In-house IT Services

At Coworkaholic, companies or individual can find opportunities to collaborate in ways they didn't even know possible. Coworkaholic breed collaboration by putting a variety of professionals in one space where they can bounce ideas off each other and find ways to work together.

An HR Proffessional could find herself at food table with an IT Proffessional and inspiration is likely to ensue. Whether you're a well-established company looking to shake things up, or a startup looking for ways to cut costs, Coworkaholic offer an alternative to the traditional office setup which could embrace the difference between success and failure

Welcome to CoWorkaholic

All of our membership plans given here include all basic amenities, access to pantry area, access to common area, complimentary hot beverages(twice a day) and much more.

Dedicated desk spaces include extra personal storage with more space in addition to all features above.

Private offices are spacious personal cabins for you and your team which includes all the features above along with desired level of privacy & personal storage.

Duration Original Price Discounted Price
1 Month INR 6300.00/month INR 6000.00/month
3 Months INR 6000.00/month INR 5500.00/month
6 Months+ INR 6000.00/month INR 5300.00/month
Duration Original Price Discounted Price
1 Month INR 7000.00/month INR 6700.00/month
3 Months INR 7000.00/month INR 6500.00/month
6 Months INR 7000.00/month INR 6300.00/month
12 Months+ INR 7000.00/month INR 6000.00/month
Duration Original Price Discounted Price
3 Months INR 8000.00/person/month INR 7500.00/person/month
6 Months INR 8000.00/person/month INR 7300.00/person/month
12 Months+ INR 8000.00/person/month INR 7000.00/person/month
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